Our Mobile Inventory Management suite for SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud platform mobilizes and simplifies inventory management for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. Mobilize MIGO and accelerate activities on the shop floor, in the warehouse and in the field to accelerate and optimize inventory management.


Who will benefit from these apps?

Inventory Management and Supply Chain

  • Receive goods, issue goods, move goods, and perform counts on the floor. Eliminate the clip board and data re-entry into SAP

  • Use integrated barcode and QR code scanning to minimize data entry and increase data accuracy

  • Accelerate the entire procurement through inventory process to minimize re-orders and provide up to date inventory levels

  • Reduce carrying cost

  • Use an intuitive interface on a device and operating system you know (iOS, Android and Windows 10 support)


  • Deploy 80% faster than custom or alternative solutions

  • Leverage your considerable investment in SAP

  • Use tools and technologies you know

  • Simplify the landscape by eliminating the requirement for third party solutions and single use hardware

How it will benefit them:

Receiving stock should be quick and easy, without needing to re-enter anything when you get back to your desk. That’s why our Fiori Goods Receipt app is built to make it seamless with one-time entry. Add our Guided Process tool for further acceleration.

As a part of our Materials Management Suite, our Fiori Goods Receipt app is the simplest and most efficient solution for your inventory needs. Combining the simplicity of the Fiori User Experience and barcode capability on your smartphone or rugged device, our app replaces the need for Transaction MIGO.

  • Use the ConvergentIS Inventory Management Fiori suite or leverage individual applications for Goods Receipt, Goods Issue and Goods Movement

  • Receive and Issue against POs, several order types, and more

  • Integrated barcode scanning, QR code scanning and optional support for data recognition

  • Direct into SAP for real-time data validation

  • Quickly search and identify items requiring your attention

  • Can be deployed as a browser based solution in Fiori to minimize device management requirements or as a mobile application using SAP mobile services on SAP Cloud Platform.

Technical Requirements

Designed for EHP5, 6, 7, and Suite on HANA


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